A visit to CHARLIGHT (1936)

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First of all I would like to say many thanks to Barry Tester for being kind enough to show me around the lovely 1936 tosher/dock tug CHARLIGHT this afternoon which has been in use at the Hollyshore Boatyard at Oare for about 10 years now.   

          Above: B&D using Charlight to tow brewing tanks for Carlesberg.

                                        Charlight is currently for sale at £8000 

Below are a number of photographs taken this afternoon onboard the vessel:

Sisterships: WAL, AJAY, HAULIER
Type:Tosher/Launch tug
Loa:13,72m, B:3,73m, D:1,30m
Machinery:1 scr, diesel 2cyl Bolinder
Current: 1scr diesel Gardner 6L3 114bhp

1936: Built by “T. van Duijvendijk” at Lekkerkerk (NLD) (YN 23)
1936: Delivered to “Charrington Gardner & Locket (London) Ltd” at London (GBR)
1965: Transferred to “Charrington Lighterage Ltd” at London
1973: To “Greenhithe Lighterage Co Ltd” at Greenhithe
19xx: To “Braithwaite & Dean Ltd” at London
19xx: To “Ward Tugs Ltd” (Chris Ward) at London
19xx: Owned by “W.T. Beaumont & Sons” at London
19xx: To Barking Bill at Barking Creek
2004: Owned by Barry Tester, Hollowshore Boatyard, Faversham.
2013: Still in service



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