Boeing Jetfoils on the Thames

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Around 1980 the Thames saw the introduction of the Boeing 929 Jetfoil – 27.4m in length and 9.5 wide , powered by a Detroit diesel Allison gas turbines rated at 3700bhp each with a top speed of 46knots and cruising speed of 43 knots.   The retractable foil could be done underway at up to around 5knots.    

 The seventh Jetfoil 929 built and the first to enter service on the Thames with P&O was named FLYING PRINCESS and built in Washington in 1976.   On June 1st 1977 the London to Zeebrugge started ,although the trial was stopped in September 1978.    P&O were to introduce two newer 929-115’s and in Feb 1980 started the London to Ostende service.   Three round trips were carried out per day but sadly after only sevon months the service ceased and P&O put the 929’s on the market.   Both still operate in Hong Kong.


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