Thames Barge Driving Race – Barges get some TLC

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With 7 days to go until the 2014 Thames Barge Driving Race , Philip Bisset caught some of the hard work and detail going into getting the barges ready at South Dock Marina.   It is always interesting to see what artwork will feature each year on each barge.

Balfour receives a very nice 500 years of the Watermens Company liveryImage


Bill Robinson steps aside and looks back after jetwashing the bottom of Thames Clippers ‘Balmoral’ prior to repainting

CPBS barge Steve Faldo waits its turn whilst Thames Clippers Balmoral gets a clean up

Also outside the dock and on the buoys the GPS MARINE – Shell Bay


Inside the south dock was City Cruises ELEANOR ROSE – recently back from drydocking at Isleworth where she was delayed by about 2 months (reason unknown) and due to have a £250,000 refit (according to previous press article) , however exterior wise little changes can be seen except doorways? 

Comparing it with a 2007 photo taken by myself (with older livery)




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