Princess Rose – Hilton to Canary Wharf Service

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City Cruises Princess Rose started her first day of two weeks on hire to Thames Clippers to operate the Hilton to Canary Wharf service normally operated by Twin Star whilst she receives a splash of paint in drydock.     Princess Rose operated for City Cruises during the 1990s on sightseeing routes but since being rebuilt tends to fill the role of tendering for cruise ships etc.

                                            Click Thumbnails for Larger photos

                                                           Princess Rose
Sister Boats  – Bertram Rose, Delta Rose, Alpha Rose (Sarah Kathleen) 

                                         Built: 1967 by Cunis,Woolwich
                                                       Length: 60ft
                                      Thompson Launches (1967-1990)
                                           City Cruises (1990-Present)

Princess Rose in 1997 as an open boat
                             Photo: Edward

Princess Rose in 2007
                                                 Photo: Ian Boyle
     In 2007/8 her cabin was extended aft and liferafts placed on the sides
                   as well as rubber upright fendering around her bow


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