Restoration of Cervia

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          Fantastic restoration in 2013 and the re-opening to the public by a dedicated group

History of CERVIA:
UK Navy Empire tug, Foremost-class
Registered: LR47-48:05747 /LR50-51:55212 /LR56-57:55800 /LR60-61:56410 /LR66-67:506753
IMO 5067534 /(GBR)ON 180997
233 GRT, L34,40m(32,01), B8,26m, Dr3,550m, Dp3,81m (112.8′(105.2′)x27.1’x11.7′ or 112’10″(105’0″)x27’1″x11’7.3/4″(12’6″))
1 scr, T3cyl by shipbuilders, oil fired, 144nhp-700ihp

1946 -21/01: Launched by “A. Hall & Co” at Aberdeen (GBR) (YN 709)
1946 -30/04: delivered to Ministry of Transport, handed over to “Townsend Brothers Ferries Ltd” at London for onward delivery
1946: Sold to “William Watkins Ltd” for £36,000, mng J.R. Watkins at London (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd London, ON 180997, c/s GDPM)
1947: renamed CERVIA
1954 -25/10: capsized and sank while towing the turbine steamer Arcadia at Tilbury (GBR) (master + 4 crew lost)
1954 -28/10: raised and repaired at Ramsgate (GBR)
1955: mng “Ship Towage (London) Ltd”
1968: amalgamation between “William Watkins Ltd” and “W.H.J. Alexander Ltd” to form “London Tugs Ltd” (GBR)
(“Ship Towage (London) Ltd” still managers)
1971 -xx/06: laid up with surveys overdue (reported an unknown Australian party agreed the purchase: sale not completed)
1972 -xx/03: Sold to Mrs M.L. Brain and Stevens as an exhibit to the new Medway Maritime Museum, Kent (GBR)
but soon returned to towage work, optd “ITL – International Towing Ltd” at London (GBR)
1976: Sold to “ITL – International Towing Ltd”, mng M. List-Brain at Sittingbourne (GBR)
1979: transferred to Ramsgate (GBR)
1984: transferred on permanent loan to the East Kent Maritime Museum at Ramsgate (GBR)
has been worked on by groups from the “Manpower Services Commission”, partly restored in William Watkins livery
2013: Total restoration (to waterline) and re-opened to the public by volunteers


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