Star Clipper rescues man at Cadogan Pier

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Yesterday evening (22nd Dec) London VTS put out a report of a person in the river near Albert Bridge.

The Star Clipper which was on the Putney service at the time was heading down river and approaching Albert Bridge and quickly went to start searching for the person.     The man was spotted by the crew at the lower end of the houseboats at Cadogan Pier struggling to stay afloat.

The captain Alfie Gardner manoeuvred the vessel towards the person whilst the mate Dean Drake and 2 male passengers recovered the male and pulled him onboard.      Once onboard the vessel the male was placed into the recovery position, wrapped in a foil blanket and given first aid by the crew whilst the boat returned to Cadogan pier and awaited the arrival of the Tower Lifeboat , Ambulance and Police.

Upon medical arrival the 28 year old male was said to have suffered a head injury most likely caused by falling backwards from the bridge and possibly hitting his head on the bridge itself.
Tower RNLI and a member of the public praised the crew on twitter after the incident


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