ALEXANDRA – A sad end

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This weekend brought sad news as the breaking up of former GPS tug ALEXANDRA (1963) began at Erith.   As of today (Saturday) there were two major areas of damage, the starboard area of the wheelhouse and funnel , and a hole in the casing next to the towing hook.

Photos below were taken on Saturday 17th Jan 2015 by Krispen Atkinson
ALEXANDRAb Erith 170115 - Krispen Atkinson DSC_5254


I find it strange as to why no attempts have been made to remove fittings that could be sold on to other boat or tug owners/collectors such as the brass porthole/skylights next to the funnel , engine room vents , engine room parts/mechanical parts and so on.     There are certainly people who would.

It is a real shame to see this once proud working tug which was still in service with GPS up until a few years ago (seen below in 2008) end its working life this way.

photo: Michel Floch


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