Tattershall Castle – Tow to Woolwich

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Tattershall Castle departed her Embankment moorings this morning under tow by tugs GRAY VIXEN , GPS IONIA and GPS IBERIA and is currently moored on buoys at Woolwich prior to her sea tow to Hull for refit when better weather allows.

Tattershall Castle was built in 1934 by W.Gray at Hartlepool.    She operated on the Humber estuary and had a passenger capacity of 1050. She sailed on this route up to eight times a day until her retirement in 1973.   In 1976, she was sold to become a floating art centre and conference centre on the Thames. In 1981, she was sold to the Chef & Brewer Group, and repairs and a refit were carried out by Acorn Ship Repairs on the River Medway. She reopened as a pub and restaurant on London’s Victoria Embankment in 1982. A further refit was carried out by Crescent Marine Services on the Medway in 1991, and another costing £4.75m in 2003-04 at Great Yarmouth.

Photo right: Warrior, Barney & Sir Aubrey 2004

Her appearance progressively changed to incorporate an enclosed main deck aft, a new bridge structure with large windows replacing the wheelhouse. Larger windows were cut into the forward lounge on the port side, and the paddle wheels were removed (and the ship lost her distinctive fan-shaped paddle-box vents). She is thus much more substantially altered than her two sister ships. Her original engines are still in place and can be viewed behind glass by visitors.

Tattershall Castle is said to re-open in early May

Below are various photos starting in time order from Westminster to Woolwich and taken by various people along the route

Leaving the berth – Photos:  T.Castle Owners

prior to swinging – Photo by A.Bouchiba

P1020643 P1020637 P1020636
Approaching Blackfriars

Passing Cherry Garden Pier  – Photo : B.McCann

assing Wapping – Photo: C.Maynard


Approaching Woolwich –  Photos by A.Christy

Moored at Woolwich  – Photo: T.Castle Owners


3 thoughts on “Tattershall Castle – Tow to Woolwich

    tom said:
    February 15, 2015 at 10:54 am

    i was surprised they didn’t remove the wheelhouse / conference room from the top as it looked a close shave going under that bridge . so as a matter of interest does anyone know how many feet ( straight up ) from the bottom of the Tattersall castle to the top of the wheelhouse ? what is the maximum permitted height for a tourist boat from bottom to top to operate on the thames from Westminster to Greenwich ?

      Liquid Highway responded:
      February 15, 2015 at 11:45 am

      Plenty of room in the photos. An example for Blackfriars bridge number 2 and 4 arch for a Thames clipper typhoon class which has a 5.4m air draught can pass under these arches until the tide reaches 7.4m, after that you have to take centre arch which unless the tide gets to 8m plus you will be fine .

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