PLA launch new vessel ‘London Titan’

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Last week Manor Marine the yard which built LONDON TITAN at a cost of £7million launched the new vessel which is due to enter service around early July this year.   The vessel will be used for overhauling moorings and buoys , lifting sunken vessels and plough dredging.

The vessel is using the name of the well known PLA floating crane LONDON TITAN which was 779tonnes . Built by Fleming & Ferguson, of Paisley, Scotland, and its name when completed was M.O.W.T.9.  The floating crane was bought by the PLA in 1947 and later sold.

The new vessel is to replace the CROSSNESS (built in 1969 and sold in 2013 renamed AVON) and the HOOKNESS (built in 1969 and due to be sold in late 2015 also to Jenkins Marine who own AVON)

London Titan Specs:
600 tonnes
36.5m Length
13.5m Beam
2.2m Draught
2 x Cranes able to lift 25T each

Its certainly great to see a vessel being built by a British shipbuilder for use in the UK

  • PLA12

    Photos above : Manor Marine/PLA

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