Ray Harrison – Riverman R.I.P

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It is of sad news to hear that Ray Harrison recently passed away.     Ray worked as a tuggy on the Medway for 45 years mainly with J.P Knight.   Upon retiring in 2002 he set about creating the website titled “Riverman” for all those of us that have an interest in tugs of the Thames & Medway.       Ray was also a regular sight onboard the preserved J.P Knight tug KENT at Chatham.

When I first decided to create The Liquid Highway back in 2005 , Ray’s website was a place I always enjoyed visiting and although I never met Ray in person,  over the years we exchanged emails and Ray was kind enough to share photos to help get the ball rolling with my own website.   Our websites were quite similar in the sense of archiving photographs of a working River, although Ray mainly concentrated on the Medway rather than the Thames.

I last spoke to Ray via email in December and it was sad to hear of his passing today

The Riverman website is currently down (although it was up a few days ago), but I do hope Ray’s hard work in creating it (especially the photo gallery) can be kept online for others to look at and enjoy for years to come.

Rest in peace
Ray “The Riverman” Harrison



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