Enderby Wharf Artist Impressions

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Flats and high rise buildings are going up at an astonishingly fast rate this year all along the river.  With the Greenwich Enderby Wharf Cruise Terminal due to be built in 2017 this is just one more site.

What are your views ?

Development Facts
Site: Enderby Wharf, Christchurch Way, London SE10
Developer: Westcourt Real Estate
Architect: The Manser Practice

Residential Units

Total: 477
Market housing: 402
Social rented housing: 28
Intermediate housing: 47

Non-residential floorspace
Cruise liner terminal: 3,651m²
Non-residential institutions: 635m²
Retail space: 121m²

Block A: 26 floors | 95.5m AOD | 92.0m AGL
Terminal Block Y: 21 floors | 80.6m AOD | 75.4m AGL
Terminal Block Z: 29 floors | 105.4m AOD | 101.6m AGL


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