Wibbley Wobbly towed away

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Built in 1929, the two-deck Duberg was a famous Rhine ferry. Brought to London and re-named the Wibbley Wobbley, it became a well known floating pub in Rotherhithe’s Greenland Dock, Initially a ‘boxing’ pub and drinking spot for South London ‘villains, it was taken over, re-designed and revived in 2001 by Andree Jenni and legendary ‘father of alternative comedy’ Malcolm Hardee

Malcolm tragically drowned in January 2005, it was later owned by his son Frank and managed in his interest by Malcolm’s brother Alex and comedy performer Chris Luby.

After closing, the boat was taken over by Squatters who refused to be evicted.  Today the vessel was towed from Greenland Dock after the last of the Squatters put up a fight to leave.

It is understood the vessel will be towed away to be broken up, a crying shame considering the vessel would make a nice houseboat.

A planning application posted this month by Southwark Council reads “Certificate of lawful development (proposed) for removal of the existing vessel due to it being unsafe, and replacement with a new vessel which meets all authority regulation, for operation as a restaurant”




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