Thames crew save woman from Thames during terror attack

The crew of City Cruises Millennium Diamond have been hailed heroes after helping pluck Andreea Cristea, 29 from the Thames during yesterdays terror incident.    Andreea who was visiting London with her fiance at the time,was driven into by a 4×4 on Westminster Bridge yesterday.

It is unclear whether Ms Cristea was hurled into the water by the force of the car or if she voluntarily jumped into the river to escape the danger but it is more likely the first.

The crew of the Millennium Diamond quickly spotted Andreea floating in the water and used the vessels boat hook to grab hold of her.  At the time she was not responding and she was passed over to a fireboat.  She remains in a critical condition.

City Cruises said:’City Cruises’ Millennium Diamond was in the area of the incident at the time and worked alongside London’s emergency services to support in the rescue efforts of a woman in the water: once alerted by people on the bridge, the ship’s Captain reacted fast on spotting her, he halted the boat in order to hold her out of the water and stop her from being carried any further by the current.

‘The emergency services were called immediately and arrived within minutes to take over the rescue operation.

‘On behalf of City Cruises, our thoughts are with the families of the victims of this incident.’

Her fiance Andrei Burnaz suffered a fractured foot during the attack which happened when the couple were said to have been walking towards the London Eye.



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