Old Caledonia Fire – June 1980

At 6am a fire was reported onboard the floating pub and converted paddle steamer Old Caledonia moored on the Embankment.     I have no managed to find a report mentioning the cause of the fire but by studying photographs taken (seen below) it seems the fire started in the lower deck (possibly the kitchen area) and very quickly spread,   within 20minutes of the fire starting 50% of the vessel was ablaze.    The fire totally destroyed the vessel and only the engines now remain at a museum.   A sad end for a fine vessel.    The Queen Mary was later to replace her in the spot.

A fire report for the incident can be found below:

0644am – MP6 Appliances to carry BA.
A23 PE x RT
K23 FoT with Hi-Ex Foam.
0656 – Fireboat Required
No Fireboat Available
0657 – Make ETs 2 for BA
A23 ET
J27 ET
0705 From ADO Marshall, Motor vessel of 1000 tonnes converted to floating public house. 50% of lower deck alight, Severe smoke logging to remainder of vessel.
0705 – Make Ambulances 3 for four Members of Brigade injured – Flashover has occurred, all crews evacuated.
2351 From ACO Stevens, STOP FOR
Paddle Steamer Old Caledonian,
Lying at Victoria Embankment,
A motor Vessel of 1000 tonnes converted to public house.
75% of all decks damaged by fire
Six Jets, 2 HiEx Foam units, Breathing Apparatus, All Persons Accounted For.

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