Names for new Woolwich Ferries revealed

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The ferries will be named Ben Woollacott and Dame Vera Lynn and are due to be launched next year in Poland.

Ben was the sixth generation of Thames waterman in his family but tragically drowned after he was dragged into the water after a mooring rope accident in 2011. The former ferry operator Serco was fined £200,000 over failings that led to the tragedy.       A petition was created to have one of the vessels named after Ben and reached over 2,470 signatures

Bens family said ““Along with his crew mates and friends of the river, we thank Transport for London for naming one of the new Woolwich ferries after Ben.It’s a beautiful way to remember a son who loved this river heart and soul, a son dearly missed but now certainly never forgotten”

Dame Vera was born in East Ham in 1917 and went on to become the “force’s sweetheart” in the Second World War

Dame Vera Lynn said: “It is wonderful to hear that one of the new boats for the Woolwich Ferry service is to be named in my honour. I am truly humbled to have been chosen.”

The boats cost around £20 million each and will be fitted with “hybrid” engines allowing them to run on electricity generated.


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