Today i took a few photographs onboard KNOCKER WHITE moored and preserved at Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Knocker White passed from the Museum of Docklands to new owner Eric Reynolds at Trinity Buoy Wharf last year and whilst the M.O.D kept the exterior of the vessel painted and hull in good condition, the museum never had the funding to restore the vessel to working order or renovate her interior and engine room.   The two petter engines are sadly incomplete and have missing parts as a result of having been sent to the breakers yard before the M.O.D stepped in to save her in 1982.
Trinity Buoy Wharf hopes to restore the tug and perhaps even return her to working order so one day she could get underway on the river once again.


WHEELHOUSE – The Wheel and Telegraph controls were removed / stolen prior to 1982


Knockers 2 x 300bhp Petter Diesel engines which replaced the steam engine in 1960 , one of which is missing many parts, the other mostly complete connected to one gearboxes to drive a single shaft and propeller



Generator dated 1939


Perhaps the one area needing the most restoration is the Aft end of the tug and aft cabin


Various modifications have taken place over the years from her early steam days to the fitting of her diesel engines in 1960.   These include hatch changes, coal bunkers blocked over and so on.

Two of the most noticeable changes are to the wheelhouse and casing itself





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