Cody Dock – Corlea and River Princess

Two vessels that can be found at Cody Dock on the River Lea are River Princess and the ex Thames tug Corlea.      Cody Dock is run by a charity Gasworks Docks Partnerships and they plan to bring the old dock back to use and life with the following:

  • Visitor centre & café
  • Exhibition space
  • Industrial heritage archive and museum
  • International artist and respite hosting suites
  • Studios and workshop space
  • Live/work moorings
  • Visitor moorings
  • Dry dock facilitiesYou can read more about them here :

    Two vessels that have been lifted out of the water at Cody Dock are :


    The River Princess was built by Dobsons of Shardlow in 1985 as Class V passenger cruiser for operation on the River Thames but was in fact sold to Bill at Weaver Valley Cruises, who lovingly ran her as a pleasure craft from their base at Acton Bridge in Cheshire.  The boat was purchased by the Charity in 2011 and used for trips around the Royal Docks.    The boat was later lifted out at Cody Dock to be drydocked and volunteers have been working hard last year repainting and refitting the boat to operate on the lower river lea. Whilst the vessel was out of the water she was used as a cafe and tea room.  She has a class V ticket for approx 80 passengers.


  • 20170612_13451820170612_141933
  • CodyDockLine-49The other vessel is the CORLEA

    CORLEA History

    Built 1933 by Harland & Wolff Ltd., North Woolwich. YN 246. L49’. B13.3’. D4.6’. 21grt. 100bhp Petter diesel engine. ON163344.

    1933 Delivered to Cory Lighterage Ltd., London. [Built to handle barges to Hackney Power Station on River Lea]
    1942:Req by Admiralty
    1945 Returned to owners
    1959 Sold to Metal Recoveries (Newhaven) Ltd., Newhaven
    1963 Sold to Lowestoft Fishing Vessel Owners Association, Lowestoft
    1963 Re-engined 111bhp Ruston diesel 1971 Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd., Hull.
    1984[by] Owners Pentode Ltd., Hull.
    198x Owners Riverway Developments Ltd., London
    199x House boat, berthed at Nine Elms Reach, River Thames.
    200x sold to Dominique Rivoal, moored at Barking Mill pool on the River Roding.
    2012 Moved to Cody Dock on the River Lea/Bow Creek for dry docking


    10th April 2015Royal Horticultural Society brings hundreds of flowers to 140 year old Cody Dock in East London as it launches 'Greener Streets: Better Lives, a new national gardening campaign which aims to turn six thousand grey concrete spaces green over the next three years. London. REX FEATURES/BBZ

    boat as it iscory-lighterage

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