SS Robin planning application – East India Dock

The proposal seeks to relocate the historic vessel SS Robin from its current location in the Royal Victoria Docks (London Borough of Newham) to the East India Dock
Basin where it would occupy an elevated position on the east side of the Lockentrance beside the River Thames, within the Lee Valley Regional Park.

The SS Robin is of historic importance both nationally and globally. The ship is considered to be the world’s oldest cargo steamer to retain original engines and
machinery and the only surviving complete cargo steamer of a type which dominated British and Continental trade during the late 19th and early 20th century. The SS
Robin was built in 1890 by MacKenzie, McAlpine & Co. of Orchard House Yard,
Hercules Wharf, Blackwall, approximately 100 metres from the proposed location of the vessel.

The vessel would be supported on a cradle and chocks so that it is elevated 1.5 meters above the paving surface, clear of the existing historic bollards and capstan,and also avoiding the grills covering the old lock machinery pits. The cradles would be black-painted steel, while oak blocks would be at 6 meter intervals supporting the keel. The underside of the hull of the vessel would therefore be entirely exposed to public view, in a similar fashion to the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. This elevated position would also increase visibility of the vessel from the land and water.





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