The Liquid Highway is the leading River Thames resource for up to date news and info.We also offer the worlds largest Thames vessel photo gallery with photos from Tugs to Barges,Passenger Vessels to Dock & Thames scenes.

The site was founded in October 2005 by Ben, a Waterman & Lighterman of the River Thames. He saw the opportunity to build a website that was unique to the River Thames and help bring people together who work/have worked or have interest in the River Thames.
The site’s Photo Gallery is the worlds largest Thames Vessel photo gallery and database with full vessel details and up to date information, its truely unique!.

The gallery also contains a fantastic insight into life on the river with a section entitled “Tales of the Thames”. A must read for anybody.
No doubt about it, this is the your number one resource for anything and everything Thames related. There is no other site like us!.

One thought on “About

  1. hi ben, thanks for viewing my blog, Lighterman or jaycee as she was going to be called won`t be left sunk for long, hopefully moved soon, but where to is anyone`s guess. Stena own the port that`s why she can`t stay there.

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